Consistent behaviour is possibile, right now

    CONSISTENT BEHAVIOUR IS POSSIBILE RIGHT NOW    Not all types of behaviour – as for some of them are missing (and we have to create) the external conditions – but much can be done, to be, in the meantime, consistent with the “better world” we want to shape.   In my book there [...]

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“PIAZZA GRANDE” “PIAZZA GRANDE” Many authoritative  people have more and more suggested the need for civil society to mobilize and organize itself in order to influence politics to remove the stagnation and the increasing environmental degradation and the social exclusion. The article “Scandalous injustice” (published on “Il Sole 24 Ore  September 5)refers the essential content [...]

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  Here I am. It’s time to kick off the “journey”. Let’s start and build that “Civil Authority” which wants to respond to the persistent deterioration taking place and aims at pushing reality towards a “better world”. That world that cultivates spirituality beyond material needs, which aspires to respect nature, to social justice, respect for [...]

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