Consistent behaviour is possibile, right now


Not all types of behaviour – as for some of them are missing (and we have to create) the external conditions – but much can be done, to be, in the meantime, consistent with the “better world” we want to shape.
In my book there is a call for it on pages 59-67. I have re-read it, and what I have written there seems to me right and persuasive – please read it. It is relevant, so worth to be read, also what is published on pages 19-29 on “forces and laws in nature” and “human nature”.
Here I first want to recall the need for the individual to be consistent with the values he would like to see achieved outside himself and consequentely assume them in his own behaviour; moreover, by briefly recalling the concerning sectors, I aim to stress those situations that actually hinder the adoption of the “best” behaviour and on which civil society is called to intervene.
Suggested behaviour is about “his/her person”, physical and mental health of each individual, “nature”, need to respect it and use it in a sustainable way, “the others”, the rules for a fair and peaceful inter-relationship.
As far health of people is concerned, beside obvious suggestions of healthy choices in quality and quantity of food, proper health checks, rejection of poisoning excess of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, a particular call goes to those young people who meet the current vacuum and uncertainty of the future with the contempt of life, which therefore jeopardize by performing actions sold for acts of boldness and athleticism.

To those yooung people, as well as to all those who – lost and disoriented – react with forms of lawlessness and violence due to a society that fails to convey values and guaranties, goes my hope that the same civil society which wants to shape a better world could approach them, by giving them values and hopes and by inducing them to join and act so that the world becomes their world.

But hope is not enough – we must assume accomplished tasks, which must be held in mind to determine not only consistent behaviour on every occasion but also suggestions and initiatives, so that “Civil Authority” could develop them in a practical and effective way.

Sport is widely recommended to everyone, of all ages. For young people it is undoubtedly useful in many ways; it appropriately gives vent to energies, encourages care for health and healthy behaviours, distracts from inappropriate acquaintances, fosters fair and controlled competition.

This is essentially produced by the commitment to a sport. Among sports, those that are practiced outdoor, at natural light have the plus of the psychophysical benefit offered by natural lightbath and fresh air. I can offer a direct evidence for it as I am a runner (former marathon runner) now with good results on the track. That is why I do not feel sympathy for gyms, where individuals, each one isolated from the others and attached to a machine, work indoor rushing in an endless and monotonous repetition of one gesture aimed to pump up a muscle. I believe that the requirement of appearance, exhibition – today felt at the expense of what you really are, has determined the luck of these gyms.

I would rather prefer gymnastics, on the other hand a necessary complement to any sport; I recommend to practice it with a oriental spirit, i.e. with that concentration that follows the movements and the body parts which are related to them. So one learns to feel and know his/her body and to adjust positions and efforts to what it suggests.

To avoid that my post becomes hypertrophic, at risk of discouraging its reading, I have limited myself to write about conducts in relation to physical health. I will look at others later. Meanwhile, I look forward to comments, suggestions and initiatives.

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