Here I am. It’s time to kick off the “journey”. Let’s start and build that “Civil Authority” which wants to respond to the persistent deterioration taking place and aims at pushing reality towards a “better world”. That world that cultivates spirituality beyond material needs, which aspires to respect nature, to social justice, respect for the law, tolerance … and all those terms that describe it in my book.

The book is for you, download it and read it and if you do not have time, read at least the pages “about us” and “the project”. If you feel you are part of that civil society that has been called up to reflection and action, declare it, express yourselves, participate, contribute to the extent that you can, be proactive in shaping our progress. It is indeed up to you, civil society, to take the reins and become a guide, as suggested by the title of the book and this site.

And do not underestimate the importance of your personal contribution, in fact even your simply stated consensus may help, that consensus which grants you the status of member of civil society on the move and grants you all the participatory powers of a member.

Or, if you are already active in the areas of interest of our journey, whatever your specific field, theoretical or practical, and whatever the level you have reached, do not hesitate, for fear of competition or pride of superiority to provide your possible contribution. If a goal is common, all forms of collaboration create synergies of common interest and bring us closer to the goal, whether such contribution consists in ideas, suggestions, criticisms, consents, citations and awards, voluntary benefits, solutions to organizational, logistic and financial requirements, Blog sites, associations, movements that are in tune with us … or anything else that might be needed for an entity which is acting in the name of that common goal and wishes to establish itself and operate in the field and at all social and local levels.

Moreover, do not let pessimism, the idea that the project is unfeasible or merely a utopia discourage you from action: the time is ripe, there are good prospects that the human community reverses its direction of movement steering towards a better world. In fact, the severe generalized crisis that took place, brought about the awareness that human conduct as it has been adopted so far is not sustainable and that we urgently need to inspire ourselves to totally different values, goals and culture, otherwise an irreversible environmental and social disaster will be inevitable. And, unfortunately, civil society is now also becoming aware of the predicted and predictable behaviour of the political, financial and economic establishment, who, due to inability or to a vested interest in preserving the status quo, is attempting to revamp the systems responsible for the crisis.  So that the benefits and privileges in favour of the dominant elites are gaining new ground, the dangerous huge financial speculations and the astronomical bonuses, are picking up again, while the condition and future prospects of the poor masses, the marginalized, the unemployed, the precarious workers, the new generations are worsening; in addition, the necessary measures to save the environment are not being taken, there are still dictatorships and democracy is not advancing, international conflicts related to strategic and economic domination interests are worsening, wars keep on taking their tolls of human lives and wasting an enormous amount of resources, new conflicts are braking out over water ways opened by the melting of polar ice, the bankruptcy of all hope for a peaceful multicultural society has been declared and religious wars are exacerbated and made to serve hidden interests, States reactivate protectionist barriers and trigger currency exchange wars.

Of all this, civil society is now perfectly aware and is longing for a breakthrough; however, it also knows quite well, that the establishment will not realize it, unless civil society itself, overcomes any resigned passivity, thoughtless indifference and pessimism and intervenes by putting pressure and exercising its influence on it. That such an action is essential and possible is also being increasingly expressed by influential opinions in the international environment, which identify civil society as the social factor whose suggestions must not and can not be further ignored by politicians as not only it has come to represent the new fundamental needs and demands, but  also it can provide a decisive contribution to the achievement of a better world.

Thus, our proposed journey sets off at a moment when the active intervention of civil society is both necessary and possible: this action will be embodied by an Authority, which is the type of organization necessary to promote a permanent and effective action Those who share the goals and the need for such an organization behave accordingly as of now and offer their consensus and contribution so that the civil community may obtain that which individual behaviour and desire by themselves can not achieve.

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