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I, Vincent Vanda, author of “From Crisis to a better world with civil society” and, indeed, civil society, that is you, and more specifically that part of society that refuses to submit passively to the current situation crisis and environmental degradation and social and is available to take steps to achieve and live a better world, which prevails in a culture capable of opposing the new values to materialistic consumerism that prevails today, nature is riporatata in conditions of effective sustainability and social relationships are characterized to solidarity and social justice at all levels.

The book is freely available, can be read, downloaded and transmitted as well, of course, with an indication of the author, without making any changes, or make trade.

A summary of the topics that it proposes to civil society is described in the heading About the Progect, but more than reading the book or the summary, i will post comments and topics covered in the Forum, to lead to reflection, debate and the operational planning, as the points of the route is broken down into specific categories.

The blog is set to extend this involvement, particularly through the Forum, allow to go beyond theoretical and indications received by the detection of single, specific and concrete to support innovation and the necessary actions.

The agreement, membership and active participation are essential and desirable only their growth may allow the initiative to give civil society and with it the merit of innovations captured.

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