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The following summary on the path set out in the book “From Crisis to a better world with civil society” wants to give a first element of knowledge and opinion, although the specific examination of the arguments for the purpose of knowledge and programming will be permitted by the posts to follow more in detail.

The ongoing financial and economic crisis, the harmful and extremely dangerous deterioration of the environment and the conflictual individualism which in the context of social relations seeks prevalence through possession and consumption of material goods are the elements of the world situation so far attained. A situation which in perspective may lead to enormous and irreversible environmental disasters and social relations characterized by increasingly severe injustice, marginalization and violence.

In order to get out of this state of great emergency action is needed in civil society. But the initiative of one or few is not sufficient. It must represent much of the community instead, become the dominant culture, be extended as much as the consistency of many global problems require. An initiative is need, which is independent, separate from the parties, from those political and economic powers on which it intends to intervene; a permanent initiative, which therefore should be   organized and institutionalized as to earn deserved authority and to have the right to plan innovations, to propose and support them.

That said, the path involves first of all the examination of all existing conditions of degradation of both natural and social environment and the consequences for the future that they envisage. This is of the greatest importance, in order to become aware of the seriousness of the current situation and to feel the urgency for innovative interventions.

The examination and reflection is then carried out with regard to the laws and motivations that regulate nature and the human behavior; so that the configuration of the “better world” to aim and to plan should be compatible with those laws and motivations, therefore sustainable.
Thus the resulting configuration is suggested with the aim that first of all each one start assuming personal behaviours consistent with it.   

It is then identified a number of basic needs of innovations, treated as specific goals, for which the corresponding paths of implementation are outlined. In this context it is examined the phenomenon of globalization; the need for a radical innovation in the institutional and political fields, as a consequence of the increasing interdependence on a world-wide scale; the inescapable need for a different way of considering  social justice: not only a moral aspiration for love and charity, but a social duty to be carried out in all its aspects, both in the context of the social classes and in the relations between the peoples of the planet.

In this context are outlined both a “New Economic System”, which wants to make the private initiative compatible with social justice, and a new management of the enterprises which, assisted and controlled by the “Corporate Tutor”, will be able to reconcile the private interest with the social role that business must have and with the necessity of legality.
As these innovations can be realized only if activated simultaneously at the global level it is required that the action of civil society and political action for implement reach the same level. Therefore it is outlined the organization that civil society should adopt in order to serve as a “Civil Authority” capable of interventions respect of the various local needs, but anyway having global relevance. For the same reasons it is outlined the necessary “supranational political organization” which, in its mission programs, which are also listed, make legislation to be applied simultaneously in all countries and regions of the planet.

Finally is  introduced the category of “current topics” in which a space is given to examine  issues and initiatives from the news, which go beyond  the path suggested in the book. Under this category are already taken into consideration the innovations suggested in the book in order to verify their usefulness with regard to the economic and financial aspects of the current crisis taking place around the globe.

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